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The Red Hand Gang - The Complete Series

The Red Hand Gang was a classic American NBC kids show from 1977. Set in Los Angeles, The Red Hand Gang were a group of five children who unwittingly found themselves foiling a jewel heist, a museum robbery and a child kidnap. The Red Hand Gang were so called because of their trademark red hand print which they left to mark where they had been.

  • Format:DVD CATALOGUE#:FAB0003
  • Quantity:

  • $ 12.99

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Additional Product Details

  • Record LabelFABULOUS FILMS
  • BrandFAB
  • Number of Discs 2
  • Region4
  • ClassificationG
  • Year of Production 1977
  • Audio Type 2.0
  • Release Date Nov 27, 2009
  • Video Type TV Series
  • Running Time (Minutes)288
  • PackagingStd Amaray
  • Video Format PAL
  • Genres CHILDRENS,70-S

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